Thursday, September 13, 2012

After being suspended...COMES BACK !!!Le due formiche inferocite(2 angry ants)ft il Gorino FREE DOWNLOAD! EN subsVIDEO IN DESC

As you already know reading the previous post  ..the message is important..
 I would like to add another short tale to the original Gorino's one'
"The song comes back after being suspended by soundcloud for "copyright infringement".
Basically you receive this message:
"Hi there, 5dvisions,

This is Weather from SoundCloud.  I'm getting in touch regarding some sounds in your
SoundCloud account.

We've received a report that the following sounds contain material that infringes
somebody else's copyright:

If you don't own all the relevant rights in these sounds, or don't have permission
from the rights holder to upload, publish and distribute these sounds, then we can’t
host these sounds on SoundCloud.

Please remember that repeated infringement of other people’s copyright will result
in your account being suspended or deleted.  This notice constitutes a warning, and
will be registered against your account unless you are able to prove that the notice
was sent to us in error.

If you believe that there has been some mistake - in particular, if you do have the
necessary rights, or if you think the copyright material has been identified
incorrectly - please get back to us via the link below:

If you do respond via this link, it would be great if you could provide us with any
documents in your possession that might help to demonstrate your right to upload and
share these sounds.  The sounds have been hidden in the meantime, and if we don’t
hear from you within the next two working days, we will delete the sound(s)
permanently. "

So actually you do not even know you who is actually accusing you of stealing what.. 
but you are already in jail !
I replied that i was able to use all the audio material and that i wanted at least to know who was causing all of this.
In the meanwhile (For the 1st time in 20 yrs in the music being accused of such a crime..)
the track was down for more than 24 hours and I got definitely a very bad mood.
 Somehow I started to think about who could claim that i was stealing his "sounds".
this resulted in aggressive message sent to another user that by chance had sent me a message regarding the track.
after doing that i opened the email and received another message in which they told me :
 "Thanks for writing in to dispute our copyright takedown
decision. In your case, it is not the audio file that was reported, it was the
artwork that was used for the specific track. I'd be happy to reinstate your track
if you agree to change the artwork to something that is not under copyrighted
protection.<br/><br/>Please write back to confirm that you will change the
picture, and I'll go ahead and allow your track to be re-posted. <br/><br/>Please
let me know if you have any further questions, I'd be happy to help
out ".
I immediately sent an excuses message but the other person (quite natural reaction)apparently did not accept them and I am still very sorry about it. 
My question is..
Do we like those sort of scary accusative (violent) messages ?
Do we like supporting the culture of suspect & hate?
Do we like one day our children to walk around with a weapon in their pocket as it was in the middle ages ?
I hope some actions will be taken in order to change the attitude of those messages,punishments without trail
 etc avoiding this kind of USELESS(in my case the track has ALWAYS been free to download on a creative commons license) CONFLICTS?
Having said that...
enjoy :

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