Friday, September 7, 2012

A new 5dvisions release !..this time the Mc is a very special one..  
please check out the En subs.. the Message is important !!!

In 1987, Vittorio Gorini aka"il Gorino"-"libero pensatore"(The free thinker), 72 by that time, bought a second-hand camera. Having it set in his home kitchen in Via dell' oro 2, in Perugia (ITALY), Gorino began to video-record. To achieve his target, every night, for several years, Vittorio sat in front of the camera: director, screenwriter, novelist..Telling his adventurous life events, his aim was to outline his personal life philosophy, condensed into 101 " wisdom messages "..This 5DIVIONS work is taken from the 20th tale : "The two angry ants" .. if you try to compare this to what is happening @ the present time.. well let us know your opinion !

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